Student Loans 2.0
We finance your tuition or costs of living abroad. After you graduate, you pay back
a percentage of your income for a fixed period of time.
Discover a new financing option that gives you the freedom you deserve. Our Income share agreements (ISAs) are more flexible than conventional loans.

You pay back 7% - 12% percent of your income for a few years after graduation, so it will always be affordable for you. If your annual income is below €30 000, you do not have to pay anything in that year. Also, your ISA payments are capped so that you do not overpay.
Be flexible in your expenditures
You can fund all your education costs or get a financial cushion to kickstart your life in a new country - use the money to pay tuition fees, settling and relocation costs or just leave some reserve on your account for a rainy day.
Mentorship focus
The money we provide is not anonymous - our investors graduated from renowned universities and work in top firms. They can help to steer your career in the right direction. Be it general career advice, CV boosting or valuable connections and networking - you get "smart" money ready to help and join the growing the community.
Finance your education abroad
through Income Share Agreements
High interest rates can be nerve-wrecking and abusive. ISAs enable you to make career decisions which are not controlled by student loan repayments.
Advantages of Lendorse ISAs ????
No debt ???? no interest
????No Co-Signer needed
ISA repayments will always adapt to your income circumstances. Also,
we don't need your parents' credit score and you don't need a co-signer.
Future-oriented & Secure????
We care about one thing - your future potential. If you are unemployed
or taking time off you pay €0 that year, without any deferment fees.
Alex's example
Having obtatined a Bachelor in management
at university in St. Petersburg, Alex wants to do
his Masters degree in Germany.
Amount borrowed: 11 000 Eur for Visa deposit and relocation
Repayment term: 56 months (starting upon first paycheck)
Repayment percentage: 7.2% of monthly income
Monthly salary (after taxes): ca. 3 270 Eur
Monthly repayment: ca. 390 Eur
Tell us your name, email, what you need the money for, how much you need. This helps us to understand if we can support your case. We will get back within 1 working day.
Detailed information
How ⚙️ it works
Sign up
Initial call
After the first eligibility check, we send you a detailed questionnaire about you and your situation that takes ca. 10-15 minutes to fill in.
We will have a quick phone call to explain the Lendorse concept and get to know you. In this phone call, we discuss your preferences regarding repayment.
Based on your preferences in the phone call, you receive a personalized offer with a) a share of your income and b) a repayment term that works for you.
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