At Lendorse we believe that that everyone should have an opportunity to get proper training to land a satisfying job. No matter whether one has necessary financial means, we are there for motivated individuals to provide funding for their education and/or living expenses in a sustainable way.
We offer Income Share Agreement
that allows to finance your current needs with your future salary
that makes all future repayments be affordable or zero*
that contributes to your development as you can benefit from our career mentorship and network
How It Works
You receive a necessary amount of money for tuition and day-to-day expenses
We consult you on career matters, review your CV and refer it to our partner companies
As soon as you land a job, you will repay 5-12% of your salary for an agreed period of time
We help out students from developing countries who
have been displaced and fled to Europe as refugee or in other status
apply or study at IT-Bootcamps and other professional training courses
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We take into account all special requests that the candidates may have, so the terms and conditions of ISA will suit your particular needs.