Unlock Tomorrow's Dreams with Today's Funds.
Financing your Blocked Account and your cost of living in Germany with Expatrio & Lendorse.
How do Income Share Agreements work?
Get money for your studies now and pay back a fixed % of your salary upon graduation
  • Fund education to kickstart your life in a new country
    Pay tuition fees, settling and relocation costs, or leave some reserve. We provide funding up to €20k for education-related expenses.
  • No debt, no interest, no co-signer
    Income Share Agreements are more flexible than conventional loans. In addition, your total repayment is capped so that you don't overpay.
  • No risk, you pay only when you earn
    Pay back fixed percent of your income for a few years. You do not pay if your annual income is below €30k year, you are unemployed or taking time off.
Lendorse X Expatrio
We want you to land your dream role.
Your Income Share Agreement comes with mentoring and career-support. From CV-improvement, mock interviews, acting as a sounding board to connecting you to people in your industry - we've got you!
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