The Lendorse Program.
Funds for your studies
Lendorse offers financial support for your educational journey, providing essential funds for your studies. This initiative ensures that financial barriers don't hinder your academic aspirations, enabling you to focus on learning and excelling in your chosen field without the stress of funding.
Our Lendorse community
Being a Lendorsee means joining a vibrant, supportive community of fellow students. This network fosters connections, encourages collaboration, and offers a platform for sharing experiences and insights. It's a space where you can grow, learn, and find support among peers navigating similar paths.
Career support
Lendorse's Career Support and Mentoring program is designed to guide you towards professional success. This includes personalised mentoring, career advice, and resources that align with your career goals. Our mentors and career experts work closely with you, offering support and insights to help you navigate your professional journey effectively.
Relocation Help.
At Lendorse, we understand the challenges of relocating, especially when pursuing educational and career aspirations abroad. Our comprehensive support package, tailored for Germany, is designed to ease this transition. From accommodation tips to essential services like banking and insurance, we aim to ensure a smooth, well-supported journey for every Lendorsee.
  • Integrating into Germany
  • Accomodation tips
  • Blocked account with our partner, Expatrio
  • Visa information
  • Phone providers
  • Current Account Bank providers
  • Health & liability insurance providers
Disclaimer: Lendorse's relocation services, including blogs, resources, and partner offerings, are subject to change at our discretion. We continuously update our services, including accommodation, visa, banking, and insurance guidance, to meet evolving client needs. Details provided may be revised for relevance and efficacy.
Career Starter Pack.
We're committed to not just funding education, but also empowering career success. Our career support is designed to optimally position our students for their desired career paths, ensuring a confident transition from academia to the professional world.
  • Evaluating the best career path
  • Creating your CV, including live feedback from a mentor
  • Job application strategy
  • Navigating visa options after studying in Germany
  • Mock interviews & 1:1 feedback with a mentor
Disclaimer: Please be aware that the contents and offerings of the Career Starter Pack are subject to change at Lendorse's discretion. We strive to continually improve and update our services to best meet the evolving needs of our students, and as such, the tools and resources provided may be modified accordingly.
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