Our Mission.
At Lendorse we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to land their dream job. No matter whether one has necessary the financial means, we are there for motivated individuals to provide funding for their education and living expenses.
We Create Impact.
With Six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • No poverty.
    • Prevent poverty for students from developing & emerging countries
    • Graduates financially support family members back home who may not be as fortunate
    • Seeing others succeed motivates peers in their home countries to study & break cycle of generational poverty
  • Quality Education.
    • Key focus of Lendorse is to provide access to high quality education for students from developing & emerging countries
    • Initial focus on STEM education at outstanding European universities to be expanded later
  • Gender equality.
    • 48.6% of funding so far to female students (despite female underrepresentation in STEM)
    • Focusing on women is crucial, since funding options in developing & emerging countries are harder to obtain for women
  • Good jobs and economic growth.
    • Strong STEM degrees are solid predictor for good jobs
    • Coaching by mentors and connection to employers increase job prospects
  • Innovation and Infrastructure.
    • Educated STEM immigrants are strong innovators
    • 55% of US unicorns have been started by immigrant founders
  • Reduced inequalities.

    • Focus on disadvantaged students who cannot afford to study abroad lowers the achievement gap to peers from more privileged backgrounds
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