Our Impact in Numbers.
44% of our fund supports women in STEM and other underrepresented fields.
We are proud to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities in fields where they are traditionally underrepresented.
83% of our graduates have meaningful employment.*
These students are paving the way for countless more individuals to embark on their journey towards achieving their dreams. Lendorse also nurtures our graduates with career support and mentoring to help our graduates find the job of their dreams.

*as at February 2024
We've supported individuals from 10 different nationalities.
We're levelling the playing field by supporting 129 nationalities from developing and emerging countries, as these are often the most financially excluded in Europe. We've supported individuals from 10 different nationalities, fostering a global community of motivated individuals striving for success.
Azra's story is not unique.
Azra is an ambitious student who dreams of studying in Europe, because she knows an international degree will catapult her career. She works three jobs to make ends meet and to save for a future she might never be able to afford.

Universities in Europe understand her talent. They offer her admission into her dream degree; a Masters of Chemical Biotechnology in Germany. Scholarships are no longer available. Her family and friends can't support her financially. Her savings are not enough.

Azra's story is not unique. There are millions in her position around the globe. Current forms of student finance exclude talented and financially struggling youth, just because of their country of origin. This means that access to education is not equal. Lendorse is changing that, with it's innovative student financing arrangements, built for the Azra's of the world.
We care about the future.
And contribute to five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
No Poverty.
  • Prevent poverty for students from developing & emerging countries
  • Graduates financially support family members back home who may not be as fortunateSeeing others succeed motivates peers in their home countries to study & break cycle of generational poverty
Quality Education.

  • Key focus of Lendorse is to provide access to high quality education for students from developing & emerging countries
  • Initial focus on STEM education at outstanding European universities to be expanded later
Gender Equality.
  • 48.6% of funding so far to female students (despite female underrepresentation in STEM)
  • Focusing on women is crucial, since funding options in developing & emerging countries are harder to obtain for women
Good jobs and economic growth.
  • Strong STEM degrees are solid predictor for good jobs
  • Coaching by mentors and connection to employers increase job prospects
Reduced Inequalities.
  • Focus on disadvantaged students who cannot afford to study abroad lowers the achievement gap to peers from more privileged backgrounds
Our students give back to their communities.
Increased chances of employment.
The unemployment rate in developing countries, such as South Africa, can be as high as 32.8%, however graduates of tertiary education in Germany have a 92.2% chance of being employed.
6.88x Salary Increase.
In Kazakhstan, the median annual salary is EUR 6360, while in Germany, the median annual salary is EUR 43750. This is a 6.8x salary uplift for Kazakhstan graduates that pursue careers in Germany.
Remittances boost economies.
In 2022, $17.75 billion in remittances bolstered families in low-income countries, which is 3.5% of these nations' GDPs. For many families in developing countries, remittances are lifelines.
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