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  • Bjoern Christian Wolf
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Björn is a visionary leader, who always looks at the big picture. His passions include drone photography and generating passive income. He is also extremely good with money. Whether this is innate, a result of his Management & Economist studies at St. Gallen and LSE, or his training as a McKinsey Consultant we are yet to learn.
  • Evgenii Avdeev
    COO & Co-Founder
    After a brief stint in Investment Banking, Evgenii became the Biometric Research Lead at the Behavioral Lab at Uni St. Gallen, from which also holds a Master's in Accounting and Finance. Evgenii's devotion to our student's success is only rivaled by his passion for running, ice baths, and exploring the culinary variety of the little-known buckwheat cuisine.
  • Daan Zeeuwe
    A computer scientist, entrepreneur, and musician, Daan is a man of many talents. While he loves data science, AI, and robotics, this graduate of Delft University of Technology (M.Sc.) and Quantic School of Business and Technology (MBA) is also passionate about helping real-life human beings find friends - and he even built an app for it!
  • Denitsa Kovacheva
  • Steffen Breitegger
    Head of Business Development
  • Olga Nasledysheva
    Customer Service
  • Moritz Vetter
  • Hannah Sharpe
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